Kanchanaburi is a famous place for adventurist. Because it has lots of adventure activities. Do the best adventure activity starting from Zip-Line, Canyoning, mountain hiking, visiting waterfalls, caves and exploring the Unseen on this earth– Zip Line Activity at Tree Top Adventure at Home Phutoey River kwai

Zip Line Adventure on tree top is advisable for adventurer’s because, at tree top adventure, There are various stations interconnected. Almost 10 different stations diverting from one to another could be more enjoyable. In addition to excited with height. You will have all your senses and your consciousness to focus with Zip Line Station. If you go with your friends it could be more fun.– Water activity in Kwai River

While the visit to Kanchanaburi, Water activities is ranked in top things to do on River Kwai. Water activity except floating, you may try kayaking in the river too. It’s so fun, although The Sun is at 12 at day but river keeps you cool.– See World War 2’s history

Kanchanaburi has a history same Ayuthaya and Sukhothai Because in World War 2 Japanese are based in Kanchanaburi for building Railway to Burma. And have a lot of deceased and in Kanchanaburi have evidence for telling about world war 2. If you go to Kanchanaburi you should travel with history such as Krasae Cave , River Kwai Railway and hellfire pass . Although you have to know about history you will be all time fortune to see the best panorama view.– Trekking on Khao Chang Puek

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Because Kanchanaburi’geography is in mountain region. Hence, it has a forest for trekking and the popular choice is Khao Chang Park at the Thongphabhumi National Park. Because, it has a good view and the way is basic trekking that is the reason why Khao Chang Puek it popular for the people. But These may not be for throughout the year. You can check information from Thongphabhumi national park for Opening Announce and you should do early bookings for trekking because There is a limit on per day number of trekking groups allowed.