It’s Thailand’s most striking event which can’t be denied when you’re in Thailand. During three days (and often longer) young and old, tourists and locals do splash water on each other to celebrate the Thai New Year. The official days for the Songkran festivities are 13, 14 and 15 April, in other words: last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday which made the weekend perfectly suitable for some parties to ‘get ready for the real fight’.

2015 again a success

This year again, the Songkran festival turned out to be a big success. Bangkok was housing more events than it used to do before, due to the beneficial timing of Songkran were many festivities organized in the weekend before the official holidays. It resulted in a five days during event which is still going on at some venues in Bangkok and other places in Thailand.

New trends for events

Whereas there are more and more events being held – organizers need to come up with stronger communication strategies to target the audience. New trends in the event industry are amongst others: special theme’s to attract certain markets and entrance fees as some events were afraid free events would attract too many people. Think for instance of the Silom area attracting mainly gay, Motorsports Land (near the weekend market) was housing Korean DJ’s and Pepsi S2O was a new event – inviting DJ’s all over the world playing electronic dance music. Songkran is traditionally a family moment though the new generation embraces the parties which are getting later as well.  Many elderly disapprove the new behavior amongst youngsters including an increasing alcohol consumption and sexy clothing.

Crazy foam party

Close to Hotel de Bangkok (about 15 min on foot) are situated the huge shopping centers Central World (read more…) and Bic C. normally great venue to nibble around however during Songkran the square in front of the malls changes in a party venue. This year there was a crazy foam party with a mixture of Thai as well as international dance music. As there were many people some had to wait for a while to get in (for free!) but at least they allow a limited amount of people (unless other places in Bangkok) which gives you quite some space as soon as you are in there. Until 21.00 there were two stages in front of Central World open with live performances and meanwhile foam. On the opposite of the Central World is the Bic C located were Thai were dancing on the square, screaming along with the music and above all: splashing each other wet.

Get on the streets

Even getting towards the supermarket (yes.. the 7/11 supermarkets are seriously always open) without getting wet is  a challenge. Youngsters but also little kids and tourists are walking on the street armed with a gun, ready to splash! Friends are grouped together on the streets with an enormous stereo, some drinks and… a water hose to submerge each other and bystanders.

Everyone plays

Young and old, age doesn’t seem to matter anymore, everyone is playing with the water during the Songkran festival. Babies, elderly and monk are spared though be aware of the children with a small water gun, they know no mercy!

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Some people got unrecognizable in the foam party at the front of Central World

Many people got out on the streets for the crazy dance parties with lots of water!