This resort really cares about the environment and wants to ensure that it is conserved and thus believes in sustainable tourism. By focusing on sustainable eco-tourism, the culture, nature and history will all be conserved for many more generations to come while focusing on the enjoyment of your back to nature experience. To achieve this, the resort does NOT use electricity. The use of traditional kerosene lamps is great for conserving the area as well as giving you that truly unique back to basic nature experience. It is smart to charge up your phone and bring an extra battery but most important is to enjoy this amazing and unique eco-paradise experience without internet and electricity.

The truly unique eco-floating Resort River Kwai Jungle Rafts is floating since 1976 on the River Kwai. The resort is situated in a tranquil surrounding and emanates a calm back-to-basics atmosphere. In the romantic light of candles and lanterns, our guest stay in unison with Mon culture and the pure nature of the tropical forest and scenic mountain ranges. The river flows underneath the floating rafts which contain the individual guest rooms. The walls are weaved from bamboo and in conjunction with the beautiful wooden furniture the spirit of traditional Mon living is revived. Furthermore, there are rafts for the spa and the restaurant, which will ensure an extraordinary dining experience under the stars. The ambience will tickle your taste buds and make the delicious Thai and Western cuisine even better.

Experience the Mon heritage, one of the oldest tribes of South East Asia residing in the area of the Burmese and Thai border. The Mon people are responsible for the distribution of the Theravada Buddhism in Myanmar and Thailand. Get the first-hand experience of this ancient tradition whilst watching their dances and rituals.

One of our main principles is sustainability. We want to protect the Mon culture and ensure appropriate and decent living conditions for the elephants – even some bisons – in the area. Additionally a sewage system was installed to preserve the natural beauty of the river Kwai.

The River Kwai Jungle Rafts guarantee an authentic holiday experience, which you will never forget.

River Kwai Jungle Rafts,
Baan Tahsao, Amphur Saiyoke,
Kanchanaburi 70150, Thailand
Reservation Call: +66(2) 642 5497 (Office)
Call resort : +66 (0) 81-7340667
Email: info@riverkwaijunglerafts.com
Website : http://www.RiverKwaiJungleRafts.com