The capital of the Kanchanaburi province is (how surprisingly) Kanchanaburi city. The historical city exposes many remnants of war and Buddhist temples but offers also a stunning nature as it the place where the Kwai Noi – and Kwai Yai river are converting into one.  Here a short impression with a couple of highlights of the city.

Horrors of the WOII

First of all, there are many things to see and learn about the WOII. Japanese were constructing a railway between Thailand and Burma (nowadays Myanmar) and this event took the lives of many Prisoners Of War. Evidence are the huge cemeteries, the Don Rak War Cemetery also called, Kanchanaburi War Cemetery is the biggest one with almost 7.000 graves of British, Australian and Dutch men who died along the Thailand-Burma railway. A smaller cemetery two kilometers out of town is the Chongkai War Cemetery. Another remarkable feature is ‘The Bridge over the River Kwai’ once built by the POWs. For visitors who want to know a little more, there are many war cemeteries in and around the city such as the Thailand-Burma Railway Centre, JEATH War Museum, World War II Museum and Art gallery, read more… (River Kwai Resotel)


Just like almost any city in Thailand are – also here – many temples to admire. The Wat Ban Tham is a funny temple to see also called the temple of the golden dragon. Ten kilometer out of the city, visitors can walk into the dragon’s mouth on a red staircase followed by a revelation of beautiful paintings and an amazing view over the river Kwai. Find yourself again in the Tham Phu Wa Temple quiet and with a deep history. The Wat Tham Sua is housing a beautiful Buddha with an ornate framework. Other historical temples are: Kuan Yum, Tham Khao Noi, Tham Khaopoon Don Chedi and Tham Mungkornthong.

Nature specials

On the top the temples, you will have the best view over the city Kanchanaburi which doesn’t only include the precious temples and intriguing history sites but also a beautiful nature. The two rivers are converting into one, the river Kwai, another nature secret is the giant tree of more than 100 years old. On top of that there are many nature sites in the area such as waterfalls, nature parks and exciting caves.

Giant tree of 100 years old in Kanchanaburi

The river Kwai Bridge during a huge event

The Don Rak War Cemetery in Kanchanaburi…

The Temple of The Golden Dragon, do you dare?