Kanchanaburi, located east of Bangkok, is for many a perfect day trip from the big city. While we understand that you want to get as much as possible out of your travels in Thailand, you do not want to lose out on true beauty right? Kanchanaburi offers so much, which makes it safe to say you truly cannot see everything in just a few hours. Besides that, the hotels offered in Kanchanaburi are some of the most unique ones found in Thailand Thus, this blog will be trying to convince you to come to Kanchanaburi. Visit this beautiful and serene location, try to get a grasp of the horrific things that happened here during the Second World War and enjoy a quiet getaway from the bustle and hustle of Bangkok. Without further ado, we proudly present the top 10 reasons to come and visit Kanchanaburi.

1. The people

The Kanchanaburi province is a quiet one, with the people having a relaxed attitude. This is different than the big cities and comparable to the Northern provinces. Besides that, the province is home to many Mon Minorities as well which asks for a cultural trip to one of their villages.

2. The adventurous activities

Whether you want to go crazy and run around like a monkey at the tree top adventure park, or go for a nice kayaking ride on the River Kwai, Kanchanaburi has it all! As the area is surrounded by nature, it brings a fresh touch to the activities as you feel you are in a completely serene environment. The Tree top adventure park is a nice activity for a few hours, especially when you have kids and need them to blow of some energy!

3. The Thailand-Burma Railway Museum

While many of the monstrosities happened throughout the province, the biggest remembrance point is at the Railway Museum located in Kanchanaburi City. The museum is privately funded and is an excellent way to pay your respects to the Prisoners of War that had to work under horrific circumstances. A memorial is also located next to the Museum centre which is a remembrance point for hundreds of PoW

4. Ride on the Death Railway

The Death Railway is a historical part that is known to many although much of it has been destroyed in the years after the war. Even though most of it was destroyed, there are still parts being used, which provides a beautiful ride with lush scenery all around you. The train is moving slowly through the surroundings providing a perfect opportunity to create some nice pictures to show to your friends and family at home.

5. The Bridge over the River Kwai

The Bridge over the River Kwai is widely known for its famous movie and the historical part that it has played in the Second World War. While it still proves a point with trains regularly using the rails, it is also a great tourist hot spot. There are many photos to be taken as well as a small market and some restaurants surrounding it, making it a great place to relax

6. The Konyu cutting, better known as the Hellfire Pass

The Hellfire Pass is located in Kanchanaburi and is deemed as one of the most horrific parts of the Thailand-Burma Railway. This pass was constructed right through the mountain by the Prisoners of War and deemed as the Hellfire Pass because of the torches lighting up with a hellish red colour. There is a museum located close to the path, which gives much information concerning what happened all these years ago.

7. Lawa Cave, home of the world’s tinniest bat

The Lawa Cave is an immensely beautiful cave, which hasn’t even been fully explored yet because of the sheer size of it. You can easily reach it by boat or by car and is a great activity to combine with other things to do. The cave is also inhabited by the Khun Kitti bats, the world’s smallest bats.

8. Waterfalls, in the beautiful Sai Yok National Park

The Kanchanaburi area is also home to one of the best waterfalls in Thailand, the Erawan Waterfalls. This is most definitely a spot worth checking out, not only for the waterfalls but also the beautiful nature and the many caves in the area. If you like to see some nature, this is most definitely the place to be.

9. The food

While Kanchanaburi is deemed as a relatively quiet city, it definitely has some great spots to eat some good and local food. There is a yearly fruit festival, and the local Mon society has some great simple yet delicious meals as well! A true foodie’s delight.

10. Eco-friendly nature stay

Wherever you stay in Kanchanaburi, you will surely have a nature stay. As the province is located to so close to the jungle, nature is all around you. Many of the hotels have an eco-friendly and conserving mind-set as well. Especially with the Mon village caring for their surroundings