Floatel – The Best Floating Hotel / FloatHouse of Kanchanaburi, Thailand.

Top 5 Best RiverSide Hotels and Resorts in Kanchanaburi, Thailand.

1. River Kwai Jungle Rafts:

Best Awarded Floating Hotel (Floatel) of Asia Since 1976. Also known for its cultural and activities in Kanachanburi, Thailand. A truly conservative Hotel, saving the nature in natural ways. This Hotel is awarded for Green Revolution in Thailand, as it use no electric. The ancient oil lamps are used. Visit this place and admist the jungle around you, read more.

2. The FloatHouse River Kwai, Kanchanaburi:
One of the bust luxurious Floating Hotel in the world. Known for its elegance and luxury wooden furnished floathouse. A best tourist Spot and much more to see in and around the Kanchanaburi Area. It is also known as Thailand Nature’s Paradise, read more.

3. River Kwai Resotel:
Also know as Luxury Jungle Resort of Thailand. The Resort is located on the riverside of River Kwai. It has its own pier – Resotel Pier. One of the best place for boating and visiting Unseen of Thailand. Lava Cave, Fruit Gardens, Herbal Gardens and Mons Dance are most popular here. Plus Thai Traditional Massage and Spa, Read More.

4. Home Phutoey River Kwai:
Immerse in the tranquil environment of the Home Phutoey Resort and the never-ending beauty of the River Kwai. Thailand’s Tourism Authority has awarded this incredible secluded resort as one of 50 “unseen paradises”. The pure abundance of serenity and earthiness is stunning and promises a memorable holiday experience far away from the hassles of the cities, Read More.

5. Hintok River Camp:
One of the must go Glamping in Thailand. A Luxurious Camping experience in your life. Safari Tented Camps at the river side just at Hellfire Pass. The natural clear pool water is refreshing and relaxing, just the way you can imagine. Hintok River Camp (หินตกริเวอร์เเคมป์ ณ ช่องเขาขาด) is a naturally luxurious River Kwai tented hotel (Camping resort), in Kanchanaburi, Thailand Read More.