The Bridge over the river kwai

About the River Kwai

A vital role is played by rivers in Thailand. From past, rivers are influential factors in human living and ecology cycle. The cultural and commercial cities are built across the river. For thousands of years rivers are serving the countless purpose for human basic needs. Here we will see the history of River Kwai, and the horizons of its past till present.

River Kwai, the world’s popular stream originated in Kanchanaburi and has been the transition of lives for Thai people in many varied ways from the time of World War II. The place once was a place for Japanese soldiers and history behind Thailand and Myanmar during this war period. The memorable and adventurous city can make you feel relax from everyday walk of life. The original bridge over the river kwai built during the war are protected and the history is hidden in the museums of Hellfire Pass. The tourist are inclined towards it and has become the historical places of Thailand.

Kanchanaburi just at 130 km from the hustle and bustle city of Bangkok. This is 3rd largest province in Thailand. The popularity of this places is the evergreen forest or also known as rain forest and spectacular landscape with green mountain views are eye catching. In middle of this Kanchanaburi a river kwai is flowing around the mountains and make it beautiful place. Kwai is divided in 2 Parts of river – River Kwai Noi & River Kwai Yai. This two sides are visited daily from travelers around the world to explore the beauty of nature and its serenity.

Where to Travel in Kwai River?

The River Kwai is big place for travel and every spot on river has something beautiful to see. Here are some of most popular destination to travel and tour around:- The bridge on the river Kwai, The beautiful Lawa Cave in Sai Yok National Park, The Hintok Hell Fire Pass, The tree top adventure, The Floating Rafts on river kwai and Mon Cultural Dance, Natural waterfalls and more…

How to travel this places?

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