Most of us have heard of the term Glamping by now, made from the combining of the words Glamorous and Camping. By some seen as the ideal way of going on a holiday, by others as an ecological hipster experience. Nevertheless Glamping is up and coming and is definitely worth the try, even if it is only once.

Image by zippyKid

We all know camping and it has been done on different ways, whether it is travelling through France with a camper (Yes I am looking at you dutchies), being adventurous in Canada or sleeping in a tent anywhere in the world. Most people have done it at least once and it is one of the most famous ways of travelling. However, with the world developing and technology becoming more of an important part of our life, camping sometimes does not suffice anymore. People want the luxury in their holidays and travels as well, but do not want to be stuck in a hotel room with these luxuries. And thus Glamping has been created, the perfect balance between glamour and camping.

So, Glamping can be done in a luxurious tent, a spacious trailer, a cabin and many more different options which all provide anything you would ever need in a holiday. Just imagine it, having beautiful surroundings while you wake up in your comfortable bed, without being stung by a thousand mosquitos.Glamping in Thailand
Glamping is especially big in Africa, in which the luxurious spots have been popping up left and right. However, there are more and more places coming up in which Glamping is a great option. One of these places is in the almost always sunny country that is Thailand. Thailand has some great areas in which it is amazing to be as close to the nature as possible, an area such as Kanchanaburi comes to mind. But with the temperatures being high, mosquitos flying around and the rainy season pouring down, staying in a tent is not everyone’s favorite holiday method. That is where Glamping steps in, enjoying the amazing and beautiful nature around you while having the amenities you need.