The elephant. It is an incredible creature with many unrevealed secrets. Did you know that they can communicate by earth? With their massive feet, they feel the thrills of other peers over kilometers distance. Seeing and bathing with an elephant in real life is something you won’t easily forget. A visit to Thailand is the excuse to go for it! Here some interesting facts about the massive elephant and an animal friendly place to visit him.

Nice to know: Elephant facts

Nowadays the vast majority of Thailand’s elephants lives in captivation. Its caretakers need to supply them with about 100 liter water, not even speaking about the 150 kilo of bamboo, grasses, leaves and fruits they are consuming every day. Clearly they are not the lightest animals, a calf weights easily over a hundred kilos so you can imagine that the reproduction of the species is not the easiest. The female elephants are only fertile for a few days a year, mostly during the rainy season. After a ritual of affectionate approaches and nuzzles, she will decide whether she wants to mate with him or not. If he succeeds to fertilize her, she will be pregnant for the incredible time span of 22 months. Compensating for their slow reproduction, they become 60 to 80 years old. If an elephant dies, his beloved ones will expose their grief which can even lead up to a depression. The memories of the elephant are stretching over years and with brains of five kilo, it is the most intelligent species in the world.

Elephants World

If you would like to see this beautiful creature it is recommended to go to Elephants World in Kanchanaburi. The elephants are well cared for which unfortunately that’s not the case for all Thailand’s elephants centers. The non-profit organization takes care for retired, sick, abused and disabled elephants in a natural environment. Visitors can enjoy one day with the elephants and help the volunteers by rubbing their backs while they are taking a bath and feeding the elephants with food prepared by the visitors themselves. Elephants World is situated just one hour and a half from SERENATA resorts along the river Kwai in Kanchanaburi. Definitely worth a go. The daily program will start at 10 AM and last until 4 PM, don’t forget to bring your camera, mosquito and sun protection. For women it is asked to swim in a short and t-shirt to respect the Thai culture and think of dry clothes when you come out the water. Costs (until July 2015): 2000 Baht for adults and 1200 for children including the activities, lunch and drinks.

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